Author: janice-pedley

The iconic Morton Salt Girl recently marked her 100th year anniversary as the face of the brand.

Pause for Thought worked with Morton Salt to refresh the brand by updating the logo and introducing a new packaging design system. Respecting her iconic status and avoiding a cartoon-style makeover, they evolved the Umbrella Girl in small and subtle ways, with cleaner linework and a hint of a smile.

jpeg-4Pause for thought sat down with Rob Matzkin the founder of Booze Carriage to learn how they’re capturing consumer trends, building loyalty and reaching new audiences.

Tell us about your brand offering?

We deliver beer, wine and top-shelf spirits anywhere in Manhattan in 60 minutes or less—for the exact same price as an in-store purchase, with no delivery fees.
How do we do it? We partner with local stores and charge them for the marketing and technology platform that brings them business – we’re the Seamless for booze!