Bringing Life to Brands

We started Pause for Thought twelve years ago to bring voice and connection to the brands we believe in. Through thoughtful design we help simplify complex messages, bringing ideas to life across every channel.

Janice Pedley

Creative Director

Alan McNear

Managing Director

Susanna James

Art Director

Working with PfT means day-to-day collaboration with the senior team. But brand-building needs many inputs, so our team expands to our go-to creatives, strategists, developers and more, depending on the project needs.

How we work

We design strategically, working with a proven process that provides for just the right level of experimentation and creativity. We flex our process to fit client needs.

Collaboration is critical for success. Your intricate knowledge of your business combined with our strategic creativity leads to winning solutions―we never let egos get in the way of good ideas.

Many of our clients comment on the welcomed “calm” that’s a part of our collaborations. It goes back to our constant emphasis of bringing focus to every discussion and activity. And before we dive in, we pause. For thought.

How we create

We choose every design ingredient to bring meaning and resonance. This means starting with a clear idea of the story we want to tell. And it requires a deep knowledge of how design elements – like colors, imagery, shapes and fonts – are interpreted by our audiences.

What we're good at

Logos that create a unique face for every brand that attracts attention and commands respect.  Design extensions that reach every corner of the brand, so that wherever people catch a glimpse of it, they recognize it.

Most purchase decisions are made at the store shelf, and your brand has about 6 seconds to be recognized.  We design hard working, contemporary packaging solutions that express the brand and capture attention.

Our work is based on insight into the needs and motives of users. By connecting with the target audience at an emotional level, we deliver design solutions that deeply resonate.

Who we work with

Our clients lead, inspire and influence positive social change. They have a clear understanding of their purpose, whether it’s to enable better health, connect communities or protect the environment.

With a calm approach, we deliver our highest value for brands with the challenge of highly-detailed content. We take pride in simplifying the complexities of business and consumer brands―and the intricacies of non-profits―making them easier to understand.

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