Often the big idea for your brand is hidden in plain sight. Boutique brands in particular, can refresh a message that’s always been there, to bring new relevance for today’s generation.

Embracing the Red Rose Tea Story

For over 100 years, Red Rose has been crafted by people who care about great tasting tea. “From our visit to the factory in Little Falls, New York, it was clear that there was an authentic story to tell about the passion of the people who created the tea—and the rose itself was the perfect symbol to express this.” says Janice Pedley, Creative Director at Pause for Thought. “It was time for the rose to bloom!”


A Symbol of Love

The rose has been part of the logo for decades, but underutilized and lacking meaning. “We wanted to tap into the personal touch that only Red Rose could share”, says Michelle Lawton, Brand Strategist at Joyful Plate. “The single red rose is symbolic of love and sincerity, so we used that rich emotion to reinforce the love for the aroma and taste, with a new tagline, “love in every cup”. ”


For the brand refresh, Pause for Thought leveraged this symbol and focused on the core story, creating a logo and package design that balances simplicity with authentic details. The tea tag is featured as an iconic representation of the brand’s commitment to their customers, and beyond packaging is an opportunity to tie the brand together through social media and advertising.




Building on the new packaging, the advertising campaign by Allebach Communications features the tea tag with the headline ‘Make Love’, expressing the brand story in a simple, captivating way.


Towards a Rosy Future

With their passion for great tasting tea, the Red Rose team in Little Falls are creating exciting blends to reach a new generation of tea drinkers. Watch this space!


Janice Pedley is the founder and Creative Director of Pause for Thought, a creative branding agency that helps launch, refresh and activate brands.

Michelle Lawton is the founder of Joyful Plate, specializing in food & beverage research & positioning.