The global extravaganza of Expo is upon us, this time hosted by Italy.

The theme of ‘Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life’ has been interpreted by contributing countries and organizations to produce an experience that mixes fabulous architecture with technology, food and a bit of Vegas showmanship!

One of the most interesting installations of expo milan 2015 is a thematic pavilion called ‘Future Food District’ (#FFD). Designed by Carlo Ratti, Director of the SENSEable City Lab at M.I.T., it contains a digital supermarket where people can interact with individual products.

Future Food District according to Carlo Ratti:

“Future Food District is a micro universe that explores new ways for people and food to interact. This interaction is possible thanks to the use of new technologies and by applying the Internet of Things concept. Inside, we reflect on how food is and will be produced, distributed, prepared and consumed in the future. Through a solid information network we will be able to interact more with products and producers in order to develop a greater awareness of what we consume.”