At Pause for Thought we are inspired by entrepreneurs. Their products span every category but we’ve noticed a commonality—personality traits that drive them to success.

Living with uncertainty and pushing through years of obstacles is not for everyone, but for the entrepreneur every misstep is an opportunity to learn and redirect, ultimately making their vision a reality.

Entrepreneurs are fueled by passion. They have an excitement and belief in what they’re doing that sees them through the hard times.

Imagining an opportunity and turning it into a brand with a product that can change the way people think, react and behave is a core driver. Entrepreneurs have a curiosity that transforms the overlooked into innovative products.

bioWe discussed these thoughts with LISA HALPERN the co-founder of GETBACK.

What defines a successful entrepreneur?

Being an entrepreneur is in your DNA; either you are one, or you aren’t. I am tenacious. I just keep going, no matter what, and I think that is part of being an entrepreneur. It gives you a kind of energy.

We worked together on branding your first venture Kiboo. How did that evolve into Getback?

Kiboo was an alternative banking platform to help teens and young adults save, budget and keep track of their money. We grew the Kiboo consumer platform of over 5,000 customers. In 2014, we pivoted Kiboo from a consumer platform to commercial enterprise focused on small and medium size businesses (SMB) because we saw an opportunity to serve the growing needs of SMBs, and as a small team we could not support both the consumer and commercial platforms.

We transformed Kiboo into the commercial platform called Getback. We used the knowledge gained from Kiboo and evolved the platform into a new corporate expense product. We took the parent/minor relationship from Kiboo and transformed it into the business/employer. Of course, it has evolved over time, but its the same skeleton – only Getback is built to serve the needs of businesses.

Tell us about Getback?

GETBACK is an employee corporate expense card solution to help businesses manage their cash flow. We make businesses more successful by helping them earn more money, save valuable time and increase working capital every time their employees spend company money.

The main goal of Getback is to help businesses grow and succeed by giving them control over their corporate spending. We do this through a combination of our technology platform and employee prepaid debit card solution. For example, one feature the employees like is they no longer need to save receipts or fill out expense reports. Once the employee makes a purchase with their company debit card they can upload the receipt instantly. Everything is recorded and organized in one place.

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Any advice for entrepreneurs?

Don’t be afraid to fail. Every great success story comes from some sort of failure and I can tell you that’s true from my own experience!

What inspires you?

Having problems to solve. I continue to wake up and feel like Getback is helping businesses become more successful. As an entrepreneur I know how hard it is to build and grow a successful business. There are so many challenges, and in our own way, we are trying to conquer them.

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