When I was younger, birthdays meant homemade cake by grandpa, new clothes and lots of picture taking. I guess not much has changed since then except cake has been replaced with Georgetown cupcakes, I buy my own clothes (well, mom will forever insist on her own fashion choices from time to time) and all my pictures are filtered Mayfair.

These days, birthdays also mean treats from my favorite brands. It seems like almost every consumer brand offers a birthday promotion to help keep their loyal consumers happy and less frequent buyers/users coming back at least once a year. While this is the business benefit, what’s most important is the emotional benefit. It makes me feel appreciated.

It is best practice for brands to show gratitude to their consumers. From timely responses via social media, like how airlines are using Twitter to resolve customer complaints, to large scale campaigns like Honda’s “Honda Loves You Back”. Offering a birthday promotion is my favorite way brands say “Thank you”.

Here are my yearly birthday favorites!


I am surprised and excited every time- the beauty associate behind the counter greets me with “Happy Birthday Beauty!” As a VIB Rouge (that’s Very Important Beauty, of course!), I received a lovely lip number by Nars this year.


Photo: beautezine

Rent the Runway

You guessed it, “I have nothing to wear” is the first thing that comes out of my mouth when asked what I’m wearing for my birthday party (or any event really). Thankfully, Rent the Runway knows exactly how females think and takes the stress off by offering a $50 promo code a month prior to your birthday. If you are a PRO, you get a birthday dress rental for free!


16 Handles 

Birthday cake is a tradition, froyo is a way of life. Also, with all the topping options out there, it’s like uber ice cream cake! If you don’t watch the amount of toppings you choose, it can add up quickly since most places charge by weight. At 16 Handles they understand the urge (especially on your birthday!) and offer a $6 credit for your big day. Yum!

When celebrating my birthday, what I look forward to most will always be the time spent and memories had with family and friends. But, these special treats from my favorite brands are some best wishes thankfully received each year.