The iconic Morton Salt Girl recently marked her 100th year anniversary as the face of the brand.

Pause for Thought worked with Morton Salt to refresh the brand by updating the logo and introducing a new packaging design system. Respecting her iconic status and avoiding a cartoon-style makeover, they evolved the Umbrella Girl in small and subtle ways, with cleaner linework and a hint of a smile.

The new Morton wordmark features a fresh and friendly font, while maintaining the leadership qualities of the original logo. A kick in the R mimics the Girl’s step.

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Along with the new logo, Pause for Thought developed a packaging design system for Morton’s consumer products.

“The Morton Salt brand remains rooted in the iconic blue canister” said Janice Pedley, Creative Partner at Pause for Thought. “However, over the last 100 years the business has expanded into many different categories from water softening to ice melters to pool salt and beyond. Our challenge was to create a consistent visual identity across all segments in order to strengthen Morton’s position as category leader.”

The new design system preserves the iconic elements of the Morton brand, while bringing modernity through contemporary fonts and simplified communication hierarchy.





Upon completion of the visual identity and packaging, Pause for Thought developed brand identity guidelines for B2B and B2C.

“A consistent brand image is critical for building loyalty with your audience” said Alan McNear, Managing Partner at Pause for Thought. “Whether your brand is managed in one place or decentralized in multiple locations, your consumer should have the same experience whenever and wherever they see you. Effective brand guidelines ensure this consistent interaction.”


Client: Morton Salt