Women empowerment is stronger than ever. Other than stating the obvious (hello, we have a solid female contender running for presidential candidate), brands have not only taken notice, they have encouraged and promoted true girl power!

The past two years we’ve seen several brands take charge. Always debuted “Like a Girl” during the summer of 2014 and landed a spot in Super Bowl XLVIII, asking a seemingly innocent question “What does it look like to run like a girl?” The campaign has since evolved into something more Unstoppable

What appeared to be an anti-Victorias’ Secret campaign from Lane Bryant, #ImNoAngel sought to redefine “sexy” with bold photoshoots and video spots featuring gorgeous plus-size models. They’ve had an impressive social media following, encouraging women to post their own #ImNoAngel moments. Pantene’s #ShineStrong spots had us thinking, do women unconsciously over apologize?

All of these brands pushed into the spotlight how women are perceived to behave or act, aiming to bend gender stereotypes. This year, a brand has decided to take female promotion one step further and discuss an all-together taboo subject when it comes to women’s… bodily functions.

Innovative period (I said it!) underwear label, THINX, is breaking barriers and speaking outwardly about the very real needs during menstruation. Pointedly communicated by the brand, 50% of the population experiences this. Why aren’t we talking about it? You may have heard about the snag with getting their latest campaign ads the green light by MTA and Outfront Media, the agency tasked with managing advertisers seeking approval to grace NYC public transportion. The MTA and Outfront Media have a history of inconsistent standards. In the past year, breast augmentation advertisements and bikini clad women have adorned the underground tunnels.


In the end, THINX advertisements have been approved for our NYC subways. A major win for every feminist out there- but again, is it that big of a deal?  This is something that happens to women- it’s not a secret or a mystery. Men know about it, why can’t we talk about?

When engaged in an advertisement like a shiny new billboard, savvy consumers unfortunately think about what products and charms they are selling our soul to. There are brands out there fighting to be heard and take a stance. I am listening, are you?