The Lupus Research Alliance unveiled its new brand identity and strategic vision at its inaugural gala at The Waldorf Astoria. The merger represents the unification of three leaders in Lupus Research: The Alliance for Lupus Research, the Lupus Research Institute, and the S.L.E. Lupus Foundation.

By joining forces as the Lupus Research Alliance, it is now the largest private sector organization dedicated to advancing lupus research and serves as the primary catalyst setting the agenda to yield new scientific discoveries into prevention, treatment and cure of the disease.

Our task was to help build consensus while they embarked on a journey to become a single, unified entity. Our workshops and visual exercises revealed a bold team direction and we worked together to push the verbal and visual strategy to be inspiring and visionary.

Our strategic partner Alex Millet, founder of ACME Brand Intelligence, helped unite the organizations under a shared promise and a vision for the future. “Our challenge was not to knit together disparate entities, but to tell a singular story. As their branding partner, we enjoyed being their confidante, collaborator, challenger and coach. In many ways, working with a non-profit is quite similar to working with a commercial enterprise. The organization is still driven to succeed, wants to stand out in the market, and competes for every dollar that comes its way. But there are differences. For one, there is a fine line to walk when it comes to competition. Often you share a similar mission with your competition, but you still feel your organization is best suited to achieve that mission. You don’t want to position against them so much as alongside them but with a unique point of view.”


The natural combination of the organizations’ names helped smooth the transition to one entity. Drawing from elements of all three, the logo, a combination of icon and logotype, communicates the power of science to make a difference. The icon features an energized burst of molecules representing the new organization as a catalyst for scientific discoveries. The custom font, imagery style and signature look with its bold purple, violet and red color palette was designed to be a beacon for all fundraising and social media efforts. Beyond the logo, the visual system strives to be as bold and inspiring as the people behind the organization.


“We are now poised to move together as one and take an undisputed leadership position in the category,” says Margaret Dowd, (Co-President/CEO), Lupus Research Alliance. The next step will be the merging of the three websites into one, which will be the definitive resource for patients, families, professionals, researchers and industry.